It is not necessary to exterminate these amazing insects in thousands so that they for a long time forget the way to your summer cottage. It may turn out that to protect the site from ants, natural repellents and some actions aimed at the partial destruction of the ant house are quite enough.

  1. Make a decoction based on tomato tops, parsley, or smoked fish leftovers and pour it on the anthill. This will allow driving the arrogant invaders from the cottage with little blood, without their total destruction.
  2. Ants cannot tolerate intense odors – place rags soaked in unrefined sunflower oil, kerosene, herring brine, infusion of garlic, cinnamon, red pepper, or garlic next to the ant houses. According to experienced summer residents, this method allows you to reliably get rid of small settlements of garden ants.
  3. Dissolve 400 grams of laundry soap, 2 tablespoons of carboxylic acid, and 10 tablespoons of kerosene in 10 liters of warm water, strain, and season the mixture with a garden sprayer. Treat the ant heaps abundantly with a spray deterrent.
  4. To spray ant settlements and farms, they also prepare infusions with insecticidal herbs. To do this, wormwood, celandine, St. John’s wort, or tansy are poured with cool water, vinegar, and a little dishwashing liquid are added. The mixture is kept for one day at room temperature, filtered, diluted with warm water, and treated with ant nests.
  5. Sprinkle the goosebump habitat with a mixture of baking ash and lime or common salt.
  6. So that the ants avoid settling in your country house, plant garden beds with herbs with a pungent odor – valerian, garlic, wormwood, tansy, mint, or parsley. Scatter these plants dotted in the beds and the number of pests in the area will drop sharply.
  7. Coat the bottom of the tree with hemp oil, and the goosebumps will stop planting aphids on it.
  8. Ordinary hunting belts, which can be purchased at any gardening shop, will protect garden plantings from six-legged aggressors.
  9. Ants have an acute dislike of water so that even a three-centimeter water barrier becomes insurmountable for them. Just surround the attacked tree with a moat from 3 to 5 centimeters wide, and the insects cannot reach it.
  10. You can also scare ants away from a tree by tying its trunk with green tomato tops. However, I do not have full confidence in this method of combating ants – for example, I have repeatedly had to expel these pests from a greenhouse with tomatoes. I would rather use it as an auxiliary, along with the above-proven options.
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