Do you know why ants have not yet captured our planet? After all, their number is many times greater than the number of human individuals, and legends are generally circulating about the level of organization of ant communities…

The whole thing is that, despite the coherence of their work within the same colony, the interactions between ants are subject to strict algorithms and rules. Man is the only species on Earth capable of FLEXIBLE collaboration with similar creatures. Therefore, we are the only and full owners of this wonderful place.

However, every gardener will agree that we are significantly inferior to modest and nondescript ants in vitality. These tiny insects managed to survive many serious disasters that have befallen the Earth throughout its history. Therefore, it is not surprising that removing ants from the garden is such a difficult task.

To understand why the fight against ants on the site rarely ends in complete victory, you need to familiarize yourself with the basic biological characteristics of the insect. This article will help you – ” 3 reasons why you should love garden ants .”

3 ants fighting techniques in the garden

Of course, it is possible to completely get rid of the ants on the site, but this will require the use of potent chemicals that are unsafe for other inhabitants of the garden.

Therefore, I recommend applying the three strategies listed below in sequence. And only if they are powerless, then already resort to the help of heavy artillery in the form of store poisons.

  1. Move the anthill with all its contents outside the site.
  2. To discourage ants from wanting to settle on your land with various natural repellents.
  3. Use folk methods of fighting ants to partially destroy the anthill (after this, as a rule, the remains of the ant family leave an inhospitable place).

Let’s look at the features of these strategies in more detail.

Transfer the anthill to another place

This is the most gentle way to deal with garden ants, although not the most effective. It may not work if during the transfer you fail to capture the main uterus, which usually hides at the base of the anthill.

In the evening hours, when most insects will disperse according to their minks, arm yourself with a shovel and use it to transfer the ant nest to the wheelbarrow, trying to capture more land. Move the ant family away from the site, preferably into the forest.

And to prevent the return of annoying insects, sprinkle the place where the anthill was removed with coarse salt or wood ash. This will allow a long time to remove ants from the garden.

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