The third strategy for fighting ants involves the partial destruction of the colony, after which the insects usually leave the dangerous place. However, it is still better than using chemicals like Anteater.

Here are some of these recipes.

  • Prepare honey water (1-2 tablespoons per liter of water) and dab a generous sponge on it. A layout such as foods in places where ants hang out. After a while, collect the sponges with goosebumps and throw them in very hot water.
    • Fill a can or glass jar with a sweet solution based on sugar or honey. Arrange the containers around the ant dwelling and wait until the restless sweets appear for refreshments. Some ants will drown, and the rest can be destroyed by pouring the syrup into boiling water.
    • Mix a couple of tablespoons of hot water, one tablespoon of sugar, a third of a teaspoon of borax, and one teaspoon of honey. Put poison baits near the anthill and update them on a daily basis.
    • Combine two tablespoons of minced meat and half a teaspoon of borax powder. Put the poisonous balls where the ants live.
    • Dilute a tablespoon of fresh yeast and a teaspoon of jam in cool water to the consistency of sour cream. Coat pieces of cardboard or plastic with the mixture and place them on the ant paths.
    • Sprinkle the ants’ habitats with a generous amount of wood ash or lime and dig one and a half bayonet shovels. As a rule, after such an attack, ants quickly give up and leave the site.
    • Pour boiling water or water with kerosene into the anthill (10 tablespoons per 10 liters of water). The kerosene option is not entirely environmentally friendly, so I advise you to think carefully before using it. The operation is best done in the evening when the insects have already managed to get a night’s sleep. For optimum effect, add black pepper powder, chopped fennel seeds or leaves of boiled parsley to boiling water.
    • Dissolve 2 cups of vegetable oil, any inexpensive shampoo, vinegar in 10 liters of water. After sunset, pour the poison into the ant passages.
    • Mix 30 grams of boric acid powder, 5 tablespoons of granulated sugar, 100 grams of any vegetable oil, 200 milliliters of table vinegar (or a few drops of any odorous essential oil), and 1 liter of boiling water. Pour the resulting detonating substance into a hole made in the central part of the anthill and cover it with a piece of old film. If necessary, the procedure can be repeated after two to three days.
    • Dig a groove 3-5 cm deep in a circle of an ant nest and pour carbon sulfide into it. Do not forget to moisten the mound itself. After that, the liquid is ignited. This, of course, is not a completely humane approach to the fight against ants, and the surrounding nature is very harmful. But, nevertheless, there is no doubt in its effectiveness. So the decision, whether to apply it or not, remains with you.

To kill ants in the garden, you can also use poisonous bait from egg yolk and boric acid. In the video, the gardener explains that this method allows you to destroy the main member of the ant family, without which its existence is impossible – the uterus. Of course, I would argue with this statement, because some species of ants have several queens and it is not a fact that all of them will taste the poisoned bait.

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